Custom wedding stationary

Weddings are a grand celebration of a special moment and of the couple’s personal style. And while it is important to make a style statement, it is also excite to see runway trends enter things like wedding décor and stationary. Gone are the times when you had to go to a store to get your wedding cards and décor. Now you can order your dress, furniture and even wedding invites online.

Natural designs:

This trend has become quite popular over the recent time as people have started to appreciate natural things a bit more. This design consists of home-grown food, edible décor and flowers and DIY arts and crafts. Things like tree trunks, farm tables etc. have become popular in terms of wedding décor furniture.

Pretty things:

Having a wedding invite with pretty lace, flowers and other feminine looking décor has become quite popular as well. The theme of gifts has overtaken the wedding scene and couples now place a lot of importance on how their invites, cake table and even place settings look like.

Themed weddings:

Weddings with a theme are fun to plan and execute. Each item and accessory will be quite different from a traditional white wedding. You could choose from a wide range of themes from garden theme, fairy princess or Middle Eastern inspired. Match your outfit and décor according to the theme to have a winning event.

Floral power:

Florals have always been a popular choice when it comes to décor, food and even invitations. Floral motifs on your wedding invites would spectacular whilst a few simple floral arrangements can uplift the mood of your seating area. Think bright summery colours or rich hues like red, purple and dark pink for a winter wedding.

Formal story:

Whilst mystical, themed weddings are popular there has been a return to a more formal wedding ceremony of the late. A traditional white wedding at a church followed by a grand or intimate reception of close friends and family is too good to pass.

Paper trail:

The paper or card used to print your wedding invite is equally important as the décor or font. The type of paper used will definitely matter once the final product is ready. There are various types of card stock available from smoothly lined ones to thick sheets and rich textures. If you plan on getting your cards online, order a few samples of the chosen design and compare the different materials before selecting your ideal one.

So these are the most popular themes when it comes to wedding outfits, accessories and invites. Browse your local wedding store or an online store and look at the different options. Incorporate a few of the traditional design trends with a few of the modern ones for a great mix in terms of décor. Your guests will be sure to enjoy and complement your thoughtful decorating talent. Ensure you don’t crowd the area with too many different elements and keep a few essential ones for a neat and streamlined look.