How to have an affordable wedding

When you hear the word wedding, you usually think of expensive outfits, huge guest lists, lots of food and the overall feeling is of a grand event. However these days, couples are going simpler and making their weddings a lot more affordable. This can be a great choice or minimalistic couples or those who prefer to handle some of the wedding arrangements themselves. Planning an affordable wedding in Sydney is easier than you can imagine. There are lot of alternate options which are much more pocket friendly.


affordable wedding photography Sydney is easy to find. Just look out for graduate or freelance photographers with a bit of experience. If it makes you feel better, as for a sample photoshoot to see the quality of their work. They usually charge around half or less than the normal amount of a seasoned professional as they are after experience rather than trying to earn the most amount of money. This could work in your favour however ensure you choose someone who is flexible and has experience shooting wedding photos.

Wedding décor:

This is another area where you can save a lot of money. If you and your partner are the creative type then you can create your own décor from the table décor to bouquet to even the wedding favours saving you considerable amount when compared to a professional decorator.

Wedding outfits:

This is the most important part of the whole wedding. You will be the centre of attention on the day so it’s important that you are decked in the best of clothing. However it’s not necessary to be dressed in designer pieces. You can find your perfect dress or tuxedo even at outlet or department stores. It depends on the style and cut you are looking for however there is something for everyone.

Wedding location:

Obviously this plays a huge role in how your wedding will turn out. The location sets the scene for everything else to follow. You can have a simple church wedding and have a get together with close friends and family to celebrate to keep the costs low. You could also go for a package that includes the wedding hall, décor and even a honeymoon package to avoid paying a lot for everything separately.

Wedding invitations:

This is a very important aspect to a wedding. Wedding invites help to confirm the number of guests who will be attending your wedding. Usually there are professional card makers who use high quality materials and expensive machinery to do the job, charging exorbitant amounts for the whole process. If you would like to do them yourself, you could use the help of a few friends or relatives and be done with a single weekend, saving hundreds of dollars.

So the above are some ways to reduce the expenses on your big day and have an affordable wedding. The savings can help you when you start your new life with your partner. You could use it to buy some new furniture, a new car or even help with the deposit for your first home. So start making plans and think about where you can save to have the perfect affordable wedding.